Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership have been collated in accordance with the ANZAST Mission Statement and the objectives of the Constitution. They include-

Subscription to the Journal of Trauma & Acute Care Surgery

Sponsored by the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST), the Journal of Trauma is the official journal of ANZAST, as well as of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST), the Pediatric Trauma Society, the Trauma Association of Canada (TAC) and the Western Trauma Association.

With an impact factor of 3.4, it publishes articles covering all aspects of trauma. This includes pre-hospital care, resuscitation, surgical decision making and technique (across the range of specialties), laboratory science and long-term outcomes. Since 2012 it has also included research in the field of acute care surgery.

Case of the Month

Each month, a case presentation is posted followed by an expert opinion and summary. The cases selected are chosen for their relevance to trauma practice across Australia and New Zealand, and are designed to stimulate thought and discussion. The accompanying expert review is designed to give the reader an appreciation of what could be expected to be the standard of care across the region, and where to seek further information on the topic.

Access to a network of surgeons with an interest in the treatment of injured patients

Injury is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality, yet trauma is still considered an emerging surgical specialty within New Zealand and Australia. The importance of professional networks therefore, cannot be over-stated. This is particularly relevant to peer support and facilitation of post-fellowship training opportunities both locally and abroad.

ANZAST offers its members access to the surgical leaders involved in the care of the injured within both countries. It also facilitates those centers with a significant trauma load, to advertise and appoint to post-fellowship positions in a wide range of surgical specialties.

Discounts on ANZAST-sponsored meetings, conferences and workshops

On the back of the recent success of the ANZAST Rib Fixation Workshop held in July 2017, ANZAST will continue to deliver a program of skill-based workshops to surgeons across Australia and New Zealand. ANZAST members will be given priority to these workshops, at a discounted rate.

Opportunity to become involved with the Association Committee

The ANZAST executive welcomes input from our members to achieve our objectives. We believe that to be effective, the Committee must be in touch with the broader surgical community involved with the treatment of injured patients, and be prepared to deliver what is required so that our patients may receive optimal and world-class surgical care. We therefore offer all members the opportunity to become involved with the Association Committee.