RACS Trauma Symposium: “Pedestrians – Staying Safe”

Wednesday 13 November: “Pedestrians – staying safe”.  Dr Valerie Malka, Director of Trauma, Liverpool Hospital is convening this year’s trauma symposium which will explore the scope of the problem, risk factors and prevention strategies.  The program includes alcohol involvement, distraction, scooters, speed, hospital care, tips, public health, education, policing, road and city design.  Audience – trauma specialists, paramedics, nurses, engineers, police, government. Cost: $165.

Wednesday 13 November- 6.30 pmDamian McMahon fundraising dinnerat Charcoal Lane Fitzroy, Melbourne’s finest Indigenous restaurant. All welcome. Cost $120.

Queries:  Email: trauma@surgeons.org.  Tel: +61 3 9276 7448