Surgical Stabilisation of Rib Fractures 2020 Workshop: registrations now open!

With the support of RACS and the Chest Wall Injury Society (CWIS), the second Surgical Stabilisation of Rib Fractures (SSRF) Workshop will be held on Monday 11th May 2020, in Parkville, Melbourne.

Rib fixation is now recognised as an effective form of management in selected patients with flail chest wall injury. The surgical management of severe chest wall injury is an area of specific interest in most mature trauma systems. The ANZAST SSRF Workshop is designed for thoracic, general and orthopaedic surgeons. It will suit surgeons looking to introduce rib fixation into their practice, and to allow surgeons with some experience in the technique, to further develop their operative decision making and technical expertise.

More information can be found at the RACS ASC website, or proceed directly to the registration page.