Definitive Surgical Trauma Care

2022 Course Dates

Liverpool, Sydney. 23rd-25th February 2022.

Brisbane. 7th-9th March 2022. MILMOD 10th March 2022.

Auckland, New Zealand. 8th-10th August 2022.

Melbourne. 7th-9th November 2022. Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville.

2021 Remaining Course Dates

Melbourne. 8th-10th November 2021. Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville.

The DTSC course is an interactive, hands-on educational opportunity focusing on

    • Surgical decision making in complex scenarios
    • Operative technique in critically ill trauma patients
    • Hands-on practical experience with experienced instructors (national and international)
    • Insight into difficult trauma situations with learned techniques of haemorrhage control and the ability to handle major thoracic, cardiac and abdominal injuries

The Military Module is an optional third day for interested surgeons and Australian Defence Force personnel. (This course is only offered in Brisbane during 2021).

The Definitive Perioperative Nurses Trauma Care Course (DPNTC) is held in conjunction with the DSTC course. It has been developed for registered nurses with experience in perioperative nursing and allows them to develop these skills specifically in the area of trauma surgery.

The Definitive Anaesthetic Trauma Care Course (DATC) is a recent addition to the DSTC and DPNTC. Developed to deliver multidisciplinary trauma training to anaesthetists involved in the care of the severely injured, it will run in all venues across Australia and New Zealand.

For more information and online registration for DSTC, click HERE.