Rib fixation is now recognised as an effective form of management in selected patients with flail chest wall injury. As the burden of trauma increases in our community, the need for surgeons to develop their trauma surgical skills is also increased. The surgical management of severe chest wall injury is an area of specific interest across New Zealand and Australia. 

The objectives of the workshop are to allow surgeons with experience in the management of trauma patients to develop the clinical and technical skills required to introduce rib fixation into their practice, and to allow surgeons with some experience in the technique to further develop their operative decision making and technical expertise.  These will be achieved by a program that includes:

  • A review of the literature
  • Patient selection
  • Pre-operative planning
  • Anaesthetic considerations
  • Patient positioning and incision(s)
  • Case presentations
  • A review of the systems available and soon to be available across Australia and New Zealand
  • Technique
  • Hands-on opportunity to perform rib fixation with the various devices within a cadaver lab
  • The post-operative considerations including analgesia
  • The logistics of introducing rib fixation into your practice and hospital

The workshop will also give participants an opportunity to discuss research activities across Australia and New Zealand, with the aim to facilitate multi-centre collaboration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 SSRF workshop has been CANCELLED. If you would like to be notified when the workshop is re-scheduled, please email ANZAST

ANZAST is grateful to our sponsors for making this possible: Chest Wall Injury Society (CWIS).